Social media management

Boost the visibility of your business on social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.), get in touch with and grow your customer base. Shop-it manages it for you and can collaborate with your marketing department or even act as your own media agency.

Setup, optimisation and management of social media accounts (page & account creation)

Make it easy for your customers to find you and to highlight your offers

  • Catalogue creation on WhatsApp
  • Ad account creation on Facebook
  • Precise Targeting (demographics, gender, age…)
  • Reach optimisation with our learning process

Content creation

Get regular and quality content on your social media channel to remain interesting and relevant for your followers.

  • Updated content to foster regular visits and interactions
  • Professional graphic design quality for attractive and engaging posts
  • Professional tools (design creation tool + stories creation tool)
  • Content Calendar creation (organic and paid strategy)
  • Content creation test (know what your customers engage with you as a brand)

Customer relationship management

Offer an efficient way for your customers to contact you and improve your customers satisfaction.


Community focus

Developed and continuously maintained social media accounts for your business. Focus on running your stores, your promotions and fulfilling customers orders, we take care of all the technological and logistical aspects.

Qualified traffic

Reach new customers and attract them to your store by social media campaign. You will also be able to develop new marketing partnerships with brands.

Data-driven decision for more efficient marketing campaigns:

Access detailed data on your store activity to develop very efficient marketing operations and increase your customer loyalty with engaging and personalized posts. Your online reputation will also get stronger.

“Shop-it enables us to be present online without having the need to have any IT person in our team. The digital marketing campaigns bring new customers in store and have a direct impact on our sales. Their team is very responsive and always available to assist.”

Khalied Parker

J&K Wholesalers, South Africa

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