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Compare over 40,000 prices from wholesalers in your area directly on your phone

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Access exclusive discounts and promotions you can’t find anywhere else

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Order all your stock without having to leave your store

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Don’t leave your shop. Orders are delivered within a few hours. Pay using your preferred payment solution

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Shopit makes ordering stock easy

Shopit improves distribution of consumer goods in informal markets

Traders use Shopit to easily access wholesalers’ catalogues and exclusive deals. They order all their stock directly from their phone and get it delivered to their doorstep within a few hours.


Wholesalers and brands use Shopit to increase the visibility of their catalogues and products. They receive orders and collect payments 24/7. Shopit takes care of the delivery. Shopit gives access to live, localized, detailed market data to increase the efficiency of marketing operations and drive sales up.


Informal Traders

Don’t leave your store

No travel needed. Order from anywhere, anytime. Get it delivered to your door or pick it up from your preferred wholesaler.

Best price guarantee

Compare wholesale prices in your area to find the lowest price. Enjoy special discounts and promotions for Shopit users only.

Improve your business

Reduce out of stocks, access business training and add-on services like advertising, security, and more

Wholesalers and Brands

Embrace the online revolution

Add an eCommerce solution to your business without any initial investment. Instantly reach thousands of traders. Accept orders 24/7 and let Shopit take care of payments and deliveries.

Rich feedback and data

Get to know your customers’ spending patterns. Gather detailed data on your performance and improve your marketing campaigns

Stand out from the rest

Increase the visibility of your products with banners, popups, and notifications displayed directly on your customer’s phones

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